Remco Coumou

Remco Coumou has been working as a freelance consultant since November 2009. He helps business and IT management from large companies to increase their business and IT agility and to become more data driven.

As a certified Professional Coach, LeSS Practitioner, PRINCE2 Practitioner, SAFe 4.5 Program Consultant and Scrum Master, Remco combines the best of these worlds to get to results. Remco has a clear vision and a strong analytic mind. He always starts working from a strategic perspective and from that starting point he is able to make the connection to execution. He is a self starter who acts pro-actively.

Because Remco starts working by defining a clear vision about the end state and because he knows how to motivate his team members and co-workers, he is able to deliver results quickly. Remco gets a kick out of delivering results in complex environments.

Remco is a strong communicator, oral as well as in written form. He is able to communicate at all levels of the company. He is a strong believer of the psychology behind high performing teams and he knows how set the stage to create focus and how to motivate and empower the people he works with. Remco has a keen eye for detail and he has a positive, but critical mindset. Last but not least, he has high standards for his way of working as a project manager, so together with his strong commitment to delivering results, he puts planning, budget and quality on the top of his priorities.

Personal profile:

  • lifelong learner
  • passionately committed
  • innovative
  • result driven

Professional profile:

  • strong customer focus
  • entrepreneurial approach
  • holistic view
  • focused on the continuous development of people, teams and organisations

Specialties: Agile methodologies, Coaching, Training, Team building, Marketing, Product Management, IT