Daan Josephus Jitta

Daan is an enthusiastic manager, consultant and coach/trainer who likes to help grow people, teams and companies.

Having worked for 25+ years at the intersection of business and IT, Daan has a thorough understanding of strategy exploration, setting and implementation, innovation, (online) marketing, product management and software development.  As an early adopter, he has a long-standing passion for internet and innovation.

Daan is pragmatic when using best practice models to improve organisations. As a Physics student, he learned that a thorough understanding is required to come up with a simple looking solution.  This is why he in 2007 was immediately convinced when he saw his first playful Scrum/Agile approach in action. Daan has been an Agile evangelist ever since.

Daan has an inquisitive attitude, likes to understand why things are happening, and is constantly looking for ways to improve himself and his environment. He likes to build upon ideas and suggestions from the people around him, as the best solutions result from combining strengths. It satisfies him to help people to discover their potential and grow in their role.

Once a longer-term, sustainable goal is defined, Daan likes to take (co-)ownership and finish what (he) has started.

In team settings, Daan typically relates with all team members, using his listening and empathic skills to build bridges and improve team cohesion.

Personal profile:
– Loves challenges
– Focused on longer-term, sustainable results
– Open and trustworthy
– Analytical
– Good listener, open to feedback, empathic

Professional profile:
– Entrepreneurial approach
– Combines holistic view with eye for detail
– Focused on continuous development of people, teams & organisations

Specialties: Agile methodologies, Innovation, Strategy Setting & Implementation, Transformational processes, People Development, (Interim) Management, Process improvement. And: everything related to Apple…