Fruitful Digital helps companies, management and employees to develop and optimise their digital product development capabilities

The world becomes more and more digital, creating new opportunities (and threats) at a fast pace. To keep up with this accelerating speed of change, companies need a fast, efficient, KPI-driven digital product development capability. Developing this capability requires a challenging integral approach where specialists (Marketing, Sales, Design, Development, QA, DevOps) work closely together in a multidisciplinary team, supported by Agile process specialists (scrum masters and coaches).

To help companies, management and employees with this challenge, Fruitful Digital was started in 2017 by Remco and Daan. They both have 20+ years of experience on the intersection of business (marketing, sales, operations) and ICT (development, systems management), as program manager, project manager, line manager, consultant, trainer and coach. They also each have years of experience with Agile/Scrum development processes.

Crucial elements of the Fruitful Digital DNA are:

  • Continuous improvement
  • Trustworthiness and transparency
  • People oriented
  • Long-lasting, fruitful business relationships
  • Team players
  • Holistic with the end-to-end digital value chain in mind
  • Practical approach and experience, grounded in a theoretical foundation

Our services


Help our customers develop a vision for its websites & apps


Help our customers develop a vision for its online websites & apps


Agile introductory workshops and specialised (SAFE-certified) courses for product owners, scrum masters and developers


Practical coaching for teams and/or at an individual level. Given by certified coaches

Design & UX

Creation of user interface and design of websites and mobile apps

Software development

Agile creation of websites and apps by complete teams, either at the clients premises or from our own office

Interim personnel

Temporary staff across the digital value chain: managers, marketeers, designers, product owners, scrum masters, developers, QA & devops engineers


Using our extensive network, we can help you fulfil your vacancies

Our people

Job opportunities

Fruitful Digital focuses on helping its clients to build and enhance their Digital Product Development capabilities. We work across the whole Value Stream and integrate business and IT domains.

For our international client base consisting of A-brand companies, Fruitful Digital is looking for candidates to fulfil multiple open positions (hire or contract). If you are an excellent Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Devops Engineer, Senior Developer or Business/Strategy Consultant please reach out to either Daan Josephus Jitta or Remco Coumou, or drop us a line and CV at